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Nature Travel in California

If you are a nature lover and would love to take yourself on a nature trail in California then you are bound to find some really wonderful nature travel in options.

The amazing thing about California is that it has the most fantastic of nature to offer visitors be it in the form of several national parks which includes the most fantastic of flora and fauna and also deserts. These nature trails offer the most fantastic of winter escapes. If you are looking for the kind of getaway that is away from the usual and takes you close to nature, away from the concrete jungle that we live in, then the Nature Travel in California offers the perfect option.

If you are fed up of the concrete jungle of the city and want a stress free break, then that is what is offered by Nature Travel in California. You can go to Joshua Tree national park which has the most fantastic of natural and untouched by nature landscape. The kind of landscape that is located close enough to main city hubs and yet far away from it. It has the perfect ambience of the most fantastic of Seussian forests and the fantastic rock arrangements that aren't to be seen anywhere else. Also, there are the monolithic eggs and boulder mounds that will beckon you to go rock climbing on them. There are several camp grounds that you can walk to and spend the night under the canopy of stars. Also, you will have the most fabulous of gardens to relax in and the best thing is that there are several really fantastic winter deals to opt for in this place.

The other Nature Travel in California offers you a trail down the best variety of wild flowers. If you want to see a bed of bobbin flowers in a multitude of colors then this is the place that you will find them at. There are large clusters of the best kind of wild flowers and some of them are quite exotic and only found in these spots. They are the purple verbena, forget-me-not and desert lavender.

If you are considering a desert trail in California then you can take yourself to Anza Borrego Desert State Park. This is one of the rare places where you will be able to see wilderness stretch for as far as you can see. This along with the backdrop of the lofty majestic mountains offers one the most fantastic of options to be able to go on a mountain trail or hiking. This is the kind of Nature Travel in California that will offer you the best of seclusion and privacy. Witness first hand out here the best of alkali desert and the animals that are associated with it.

Nature Travel in California has several fantastic options to offer one and guarantees you the best of what nature has to offer one. The kind of nature untouched by commercialization!